Courtmatics Expected to Ship February 2018

2013 january 2013 Smart Dampener concept defined
september 2013 Courtmatics company was registered
2014 august 2014 First prototype attached to a racket
2015 september 2015 Iterated on 4 prototype versions
2016 january 2016 Joined HW1 to make commercial product
august 2016 Unvieled the product with USTA
december 2016 Shipped limited quanity to users for trial
2017 june 2017 Raised second round of seed financing
november 2017 Open pre-orders for limited quantity
2018 january 2018 Sold out on all batch 1 production
march 2018 Completed manufacturing for mass production
april 2018 Shipping batch 1
august 2018 Start shipping batch 2



How to set up the device and the app for the first time?

Before start using the Smart Dampener you need to setup your app and pair the device with your phone.

Follow instructions in this step by step video:

What if your device does not sync with your phone?

First, you need to ensure that you followed all steps to set up your app and pair your device with your phone during setup. If you haven't paired your device, you can click on the battery icon in your app (top-left corner) and follow the steps (see video:

If you have completed the initial pairing and still having issues with syncing, you may need to upgrade your firmware:

1. Open the app, and click on the battery icon (top-left corner).
2. Turn the device on (one press).
3. Put it in "Sync" mode - once you see light goes in circle, press the button one more time (you should then see lights on both sides go up).
4. In the app you should see within a few seconds "Last Sync:" updated to your current date and time.
5. If the firmware version is the not the latest you will have an option to upgrade your firmware. To upgrade firmware, you need to fully charge your device first. Follow the steps in this video:

What if one middle light on each side of your device is on?

This means that the device requires special firmware upgrade. You need to fully charge it first (plug it in for charge for 2-3 hours) and then follow the instructions in this step by step video:

What if lights blink and then the device turns itself off?

This means that the battery is running low and it needs charging. Plug it in for 2-3 hours to let it fully charge and then try turning it on.

How easy is it to attach the device to the racket strings?

The device is attached exactly the same way as a regular vibration dampener by pulling two middle strings apart to make room for the device to slide in.

How do I put the device in “record” mode to collect the data as I play?

Turn the device on by pressing the button and wait until the light goes in a circular pattern ("Play" mode). That’s when the device is “listening” and collecting data.

How do I sync the device with my phone to view the results?

When the device is in "Play" mode (light goes in a circular pattern), press the button (short press) and wait until the lights on both sides go up (that's "Sync" mode). Open the app and wait 5 to 10 seconds until the new session appears.

How do I turn the device off?

Press the button until the lights turn off.


How does the Smart Dampener compare to a regular vibration dampener?

The device is designed to provide same feel as a regular vibration dampener. It does not affect the balance of the racket, which is critical to keep the same feel of the racket during the swing. In addition, the shell of the device is made out of silicon that is the same material that regular dampeners are made of. The device attaches to racket strings exactly the same way as a regular dampener does, resulting in soft dampening feel during the impact with the ball.

What is the weight of the device?

The weight of the device is 0.22 ounces (6.2 grams).

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts 5+ hours.


Does it work with any tennis racket of any head size?

Yes, the device can be attached to any tennis racket whether it’s an adult racket or a junior racket. The data and the metrics will not be impacted by the specifications of the racket and will provide same accuracy regardless of which racket is used.

How do I charge this device?

You can use the supplied cable and any USB power outlet including your computer to charge the device. When the device is charging, the lights will go up and down. When fully charged, all lights will lit up.

Will I loose all of my data if I switch phones?

No, all of your data is saved in the cloud. When you install Courtmatics app on your new phone, login with the same Facebook account and all of your historical sessions will be automatically downloaded to your mobile phone from the cloud.

How do I pair a new device with existing app?

In the app, tap the battery icon in the top left corner and select “Forget this Dampener” on the bottom of the next screen. After that the app will guide you to pair a new device (all of your historical sessions will remain on your phone).

product features

What is the accuracy of the metrics?

The accuracy for all metrics is at least 95% based on a test group of 300+ beta testers from beginners to high performance players. Collecting motion data right from racket strings provides highest possible accuracy for measurements.

How can I track my progress for matches only and ignore practices?

For every session there is an option to set it as a “match” or a “practice”. In the trends section of every metric you can set the filter to view your trends by session type.

How does the app determine the highlight for any given session?

Highlight is a record that the player sets during the session when compared to all prior sessions. If there are multiple records being set during a single session, one of these records will be chosen as the most interesting to show.

How can I check the remaining battery life?

After you synced the device with your app, tap the battery icon in the left top corner to see % of battery life remained and the remaining duration of play time on this charge.


Does the app support both iOS and Android platforms?

Currently, the app is released for iOS platform only (version 8.0 and later). Android is coming up soon and we will notify when we release our app on this platform.

What does the scale 0% to 100% mean for metrics that track elements of technique?

The benchmark to achieve a score of 100% is based on the performance of Division 1 College tennis players. Performing in the green zone (70%+) is a good result, while getting to 95% is a high performance College level result.


What happens to the device if it gets hit directly by the ball?

Absolutely nothing. The device is designed to withstand direct impact with the ball under extreme conditions and not sustain any damage even when hit directly by professional tennis players.

Can it fly of the racket if it gets hit directly?

The device grips to racket strings much tighter than a regular dampener and it’s extremely rare for it to come of the racket under any circumstances.

Can I leave the device on the racket under the sunlight during hot weather?

Yes, the device is designed to withstand very high temperatures and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in most extreme conditions.

Is it waterproof?

The device is not waterproof. We recommend to avoid all wet conditions.