Courtmatics Smart Dampener


Smart Dampener for tennis rackets that tracks performance & takes your game to the next level.

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Engineered By Tennis Pros

Tech Specs

Height 0.51”
Diameter 0.80"
Width 0.80"
Weight 0.22 oz
Materials Silicon / plastic
Battery life 5+ hours
Mobile platform Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Connectivity Bluetooth low energy
Compatibility All rackets
Charge Time 45 Minutes
Set Up Less than 5 minutes

Common Questions

Do you support Android?

Currently, we support iOS only. We will notify when Android app becomes available.

What is unique about this device?

First device as a true vibration dampener that easily attaches to any type of racket. A direct replacement to a traditional vibration dampener which naturally fits on the racket strings. It captures motion data of highest quality to provide feedback with best possible accuracy.

Does it work with any tennis racket of any head size?

Yes, the device can be easily attached to any tennis racket whether it’s an adult racket or a junior racket. The data and the metrics will not be impacted by the specifications of the racket and will provide same accuracy regardless of which racket is used.

How easy is it to attach the device on to racket strings?

The device is attached exactly the same way as a regular vibration dampener by pulling two middle strings apart to make room for the device to slide in.

What happens to the device if it gets hit directly by the ball?

Absolutely nothing. The device is designed to withstand direct impact with the ball under extreme conditions and not sustain any damage even when hit directly by professional tennis players.

Can it fly off the racket if it gets hit directly?

The device grips to racket strings much tighter than a regular dampener and it is extremely rare for it to come off the racket under any circumstances.

What is the accuracy of the metrics?

The accuracy for all metrics is at least 95% based on a test group of 300+ beta testers from beginners to high performance players. The location of the device on the racket strings allows it to collect highest quality motion data and provide best possible accuracy for metrics.

How does the Smart Dampener feels on the racket compared to a regular dampener?

The device feels completely natural on the racket. It is very light and does not change the balance of the racket, which is critical to keep the same feel of the racket during swing. In addition, the shell of the device is made out of silicon which the same material that regular dampeners are made of and it is attached to the racket strings exactly the same way as a regular dampener, providing soft dampening feel during the impact with the ball.

Three Steps to set up

In less than 2 minutes, the Courtmatics
is simple to set up
and incredibly
intuitive to use.


Place Courtmatics in your racket strings


Sync with the app


Hit the court & gather data

Get Courtmatics.
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